Term 3 – Week No.2 – ‘Let us finish’

It’s the last final push to get everything done, It’s been a tiring and emotional week.

The Show

For the entirety of last week and this week, the show has slowly been built. To house our courses marvellous creations several steps were put in place to get everything done on time. I was placed in charge of the plinths as so many were required. Over the course of a few days, I was approached by my fellow students with their plinth measurements. Theses I then sent down to the wood workshop for the plywood to be cut. Slowly but surely the plinths have all be completed over the past few days.

Colour options were suggested by Amelia; raspberry pink, midnight blue and dark grey. Particular walls and plinths in our allotted space for the exhibition were chosen to be painted in those colours. A little unsure at first, the wise choice of Amelia has left me feeling rather excited about exhibiting my work. To display my cast I am using a waist height plinth painted raspberry pink. My reason for choosing this colour for my plinth was to compliment my very large pink dome booth. Of wich has successfully been installed in the space with the help of Tom and Charlie.

My Footage

As I have had to change the number of booths I am using, only one. My film reel has been left to last minute so I can make the necessary adjustments. Yomna also assisted me with the creation of my accompanying sound. I’ve opted for very simple, meditation and repetitive music played on a piano. This will liven the inside of the dome and create turn my work into an experiential piece.

Below are few stills of my film footage:

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Website, Business Card and Creative CV

I have run with the very confident ‘boob aesthetic’. My buisnesscards, Profestional website and blog website all share the same identity. For my buisnesscards I have opted for small, simple and elegant. As the work speaks for itself I have only used one image and clean white backgrounds.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 04.33.09Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 04.33.31

I very much enjoyed ceating my professional website, it gave me great joy seeing my work come together to form a collective. I feel confident in the coherance of all the pieces and cant wait to be able to encourage other to explore my visual treasure box of breats.

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