PDP – Subject

I feel accomplished. I feel achieved. I feel I’m in love with my work. But I’m not finished just yet. Subject has allowed me to explore avenues of creation that I thought I never would. Having the studio space, amazing people around me and fantastic tutors I have been encouraged and supported to create wonderful projects. Recently I have found a new confidence in myself that is shown through my work.

As well as enjoyment there are also struggles. Graded in three categories; skills, ideas and context. I am yet to find the perfect balance between all three. With my main struggle being context, I have realised that I often beat myself up as I am blind to how strong my work can be. On the other hand, I have lots of poorly contextualised work. There seems to be no in-between, context is either there or it isn’t. My skills and ideas have been pushed, twisted and stretched. There is a strong sense of knowledge that is coherent throughout my third-year work and a clear refinement of processes and developments.

Talking about my most recent project that has extended over the course of a year, my ‘Breast’ project. I have touched upon many mediums and processes whilst this work has grown. My interest in representing breasts as a visual thing has left me experimenting and communicating with the likes of plaster, print, paper sculpture, paper mache, embroidery, film and more. There is definitely more scope for this project.

The context and meaning behind this journey to explore breasts stem from me. My own self-confidence and love for my body for what it is. I like to think of my work is in the present, not the past, nor the future. Its an entity shoved in your face that screams “It is what it is”. The importance of women and men knowing about breasts, what they do, how they should look, what they should feel like and how they should be viewed is the fundamental key to my creative research for this project. Having thought about all of my work and what I aim for, there is a clinical theme that runs through what I want to achieve and look at. In this case, the female body. It doesn’t feel it would be right to say that my work is about breast, breasts are a small part of the larger picture I am exploring and decoding. As I am planning on applying for an Ma in Ceramics and sculpture. I will definitely follow this projet on and see how far I can take it. I will also be delving into other avenues of questionable possibilities.

Concerning my dissertation and how that area of academic study relates to the subject, there is a strong link. The nature of my subject work ‘Breasts’ is very sensitive and personal. The intimacy of this topic is absorbed and interpreted differently by all individuals who encounter and hear of the work. Conversation is also a key aspect of the development of my project. This interpretation of artwork is something that I researched in my dissertation. I looked at ambiguity and the relationships between the artist, artwork and the audience. I have found that an individual’s interpretation of what they see (the artwork) can be altered and changed by how they feel, what they have experienced, their culture and religion. When applied to my ‘Breast’ project, the viewer is free to interpret my work (the breast cast and film footage) how they see fit. This may mean they are exposed to a new way of thinking about breasts, they see them in a new light, they are encouraged to embrace breasts or are may even feel a little less comfortable. Despite my goals for how I want my work to make my audience feel, the emotion and drive are left to the viewer. I cant wait for the Degree show!






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