PDP – Field

Having Field as a module over the past three years has kept the excitement and moral up when creating work. As much as I love working as a solo creative, the challenges and enjoyments that come whilst working in a team are memorable and self-building. As I have worked with many people to produce collaborative work in the past, the Field module in the third year was a breeze. I was able to exercise my skills and let my work communicate with others.

Areas of study that are included in the Field module are; professional practice and the show build. Having never had a business card before, the process of choosing the correct image to represent me, type of paper and font gave me such satisfaction and sense of pride in my work. It has definitely taken me a long time to get to this point, a point where I feel fully comfortable to let my work speak for me instead of with me. My creative CV, on the other hand, did not give me the same satisfaction. But I feel that is due to the academic and professional writing that is required. Although difficult, I felt very accomplished listing my creative and academic success. I had forgotten how many hours I had endured to the creation of artwork and how much I value my craft. I was also reminded of how good I am at what I do. Art is a part of me.

The workshops supplied by Chris were very helpful. I didn’t realise how important professional formatting was to the creation of an artist front. The ability to encourage people to look at my work and hire me is something I will continue to exercise long into the future.

The setting up and planning for the show was a joy. Working alongside my friends and fellow artists to curate a space filled with wonderful gems perfectly topped off our journey as a year group. Having placed myself in the group finishers, I was hastily moved into the plinth making group. My organisation skills and ability to collect information were utilised, an astounding 20 or so plinths were made. This, in turn, worked out great for me as I had plans to place my cast on a plinth, I was able to fully make sure the quality of my plinth was of a high standard and the correct colour, pink. Placing my bubble booths in the space was tricky. But with the guided help of Tom and Charlie, we managed to devise a way to secure the structure to the wall. A downside to the show build was that of time. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to create two booths but only one. For assessment, my understanding is that I will only be marked on one booth but for the show, I’m allowed to exhibit two. I feel the piece (film and booth) needs to be presented as a pair, the shape of the booths represents that of my chosen subject ‘breasts’.

Stepping away from my degree I don’t quite feel ready to call myself a professional, although I am of a high level of making and have a vast knowledge of how to problem solve, create and think. I still feel there is plenty of room for my artistic ability to expand. It’s as though I have barely scrapped the surface of getting to know my materials and feel I need to be of a higher to compete and work with other artists and creatives.



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