Term 2 – Week No.11 ‘Ethics’

Having overcome the disappointment of my mock viva, it’s now time to think of a plan or the next few steps to my project. When considering my feedback and reviewing my progress with Anna and Chris, I feel my work lacks context (yet again). In order to move past this slight obstacle, I have come up with a solution. Since my work is about all women and those who are interested in the importance and necessity of breast it would only make sense to involve such people in my work. My method of engaging the public would be through a recorded conversation or discussion. A light five-minute conversation covering general questions to encourage opinion and views is all that’s needed. Questions such as:

  • How do you feel about your breasts? do you like them?
  • Would you change your breasts? If so, why?
  • What does the image of breasts communicate to you?
  • Metaphorically what do they mean to you? What do they stand for?
  • What affect do they have on your everyday life, example; wellbeing, exercise?
  • What are the negatives you feel surround breast and the image of breasts?
  • What would you consider to be the correct context for the breast?

Through instigating such questions through conversation my participants should hopefully feel relaxed and open up. I do understand that this subject matter may be difficult for some to talk about, so my approach to how I ask the questions should flow rather than be formed as a list.

Due to the nature of my project, I require ethical permission. for this, I have asked Anna for help. She has kindly sat down with me and assisted the construction of a participant information sheet and a participant consent form of which I have attached below. To break down both documents; the participant info sheet briefly covers what my project is about and the purpose of the investigations. It explains the possible intentions of the recorded conversations and how I intend to protect the participant’s privacy. Once read through, the participant will then go on to read and sign the consent form. This document finalises the agreement of the participant and gives me the go ahead for the interview. At the very bottom is a link to my interviews/conversation and chosen artist inspiration.

My intentions for the interviews

After conducting this part of my developmental process, I have now begun to think about the possibilities of using the recorded material in the degree show. My options that I have come up with so far are:

  • Overlay the audio over my balloon footage instead of instrumental music. Played as an accompaniment the edited conversation will add atmosphere.
  • Select specific quotes from the conversations that could be shown in text form. This could either be displayed as sticker/vinyl on the walls.

An alternative…

I also question the possibility of having music or an instrumental piece to accompany my balloon footage. As the PVA and paint slowly drips over the balloons it’s rather meditative, something subtle and faint that encourages a calm and focused atmosphere would be appropriate. I don’t wish to distract from the visual imagery or disturb the encapsulating energy. My reason for thinking of an alternative is due to the possibility of the audio overpowering the film. The sound of the conversations may distract from the nature of the film.

My Interviews

Interview No.1

Interview No.2

Desk – Portfolio 

I have begun to think about my portfolios; professional and degree. I have started this process at such a late stage in the term because of how much thought must be put into it. When creating these platforms for my work I need to allow my work to breathe and speak for itself as well as use the work to represent me. It isn’t compulsory to present all three as I have a choice to either do just a digital professional portfolio or a physical professional portfolio. However, I feel it may be best to do all three to show pride in my work, time dedicated to my craft and my commitment to my degree. As a result of feeling unsure I have requested sessions that break down and pick at the work that is meant and not meant to go into my portfolio. Let’s just hope I get it right.

I have begun this process by cleaning and editing all of my imagery. I have also remade some of my older pieces and have rephotographed them to a better quality. When considering the layout of my desk and the presentation of my work I have come up with a few ideas. This platform for my work needs to compliment and push, I feel the aesthetic and visuals needs to act as a guide for the viewer’s eyes and take them on a journey. To utilise the space, I feel the background should clearly show a collection of work. Books and loose sheets should have their own place or stand. As advised by Chris I won’t be using any ribbon or string. Coloured labels and tabs are the best way to label and inform the viewer. I am thinking of utilising my nipple prints throughout my desk presentation to make the entire aesthetic flow.


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