Term 2 – Week No.10 ‘The stress of mock VIVA’s’

My post from last week left we pondering on the possibilities of capturing movement as a 3D piece. To accompany my film footage in the degree show I feel as though there needs to be another element that coheres and pushes that little bit harder. I have spoken to many ceramists and makers who explained the challenges and possibilities of using alternative materials such as plaster, porcelain, clay etc. From our conversation, the material that stood out to me the most was plaster. It’s durable and sturdy nature allows you to create a variety of texture, forms and effects. This would work in my favour as I have the grounds to explore different results. Contemplating on the idea of having a 3D version of my balloons covered in paint and PVA, I have come up with a more dramatic and bold option…

Why not make a cast of my breast and chest area?

I am still yet to do research to support and understand the limitations of my idea and chosen material. This I will include in my next blog post.


How did it go?…In my opinion, terribly, my presentation failed to open and function properly. I also felt terribly nervous for the first time in a very long time. On the other hand, the mock VIVA has done what it was meant to do, help me. I had a very useful and needed discussion with both Chris and anna who gave me clarity and direction.

Next time: Learning from my mistakes I will definitely change the format and flow of my presentation slides and images. Instead of telling and story of my progress, I think it would be best if I started with a strong slide that clearly states; “This is it!”. Starting with confidence should set my feet firmly on the ground resulting in no waffling and blushing, not forgetting almost crying! another advantage of starting with a bold statement means I have my audience attention. to maintain this momentum I think the presentation needs to be less cluttered and precise. my work should be able to speak for itself as I find I do quite a bit of talking.

Feedback: I now need to:

  • Give my work a clearer illustrative purpose
  • Get people talking
  • Remember the starting points of my project and what ignited my interest
  • Revisit earlier themes
  • Consider what’s happened and in what order, “at the start…later”. What’s constant and what’s changing?
  • Consider form, choreography and presentation

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